The Northern Flinders Ranges is a unique area of the world. It is geographically old, and due to the low rainfall things change very slowly overtime. Landscape changes are small and gradual even after flash floods that bring much needed water to the region. Wilpena Pound and the Elder Range capture most of the rainfall due to the height of their peaks.

You can understand the connection that the Adnyamathanha people have with their home country as you to can feel the spirit of the land. The land is harsh and full of challenges but also is a great provider to the living where reptiles, birds, marsupials and introduced species (rabbits, goats and sheep) abound, and people who know where to find sustenance.

I never tire from visiting the region and I find myself dreaming about the region every now and then. The mountain peaks, the craggy gorges, the dry country, the shady waterholes all combine to create the magnificence of the Northern Flinders Ranges.

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